Asian nations and Japan are facing a big turning point.

Many social problems are under discussion in Japan such as declining birth rate

and aging population,shrinking domestic market and employment, expanding

fiscal deficit, unstable supply of energy, etc.

On the other hand, many nations in Asia are rapidly developing and technological

assistance is requested by them. In order to solve those problems, it is considered

to be one of the effective methods that Japan transfers technologies and social

systems to Asian nations and spread them in Asia.

Collegium Future Technology, in which alumni of Tokyo Institute of Technology

participate, has been working for solving problems of industry and society for

over twenty years by cross-industrial association, technical assistance, enlightenment

activities, etc.

Experiences and knowledge at the Collegium will be Carried on by TeFFA and

utilized for developing the future Asia.


Name of organization

Technology Forum for the Future Asia

  abbreviation: TeFFA


Board of organization

Chairperson          : Hiroshi Katoh

Vice-charperson    : Kyoji Kunitomo

                                Seiichi Naito

Executive Director : Toshihiro Hirai

                                Ichiro Okura

Auditor                  : Toru Yoshida




TeFFA pamphlet
TeFFA pamphletV3.pdf
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What's New


The 8th Michael Nobel Sustainability Technology Symposium was held